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USFOGA hosts its first annual, Gulf Region Conference in Kemah, TX outside Houston
Dozens of municipal regulators and industry professionals descended on Kemah Boardwalk to learn more on how to manage FOG in their communities.

Gulf Conference Recap

For two full days, USFOGA hosted a conference dedicated to the awareness and education of food grade Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG), its challenges, and how to best manage it.
Professionals from every sector of the industry attended the event and shared their expertise and insight through training sessions, speaking forums and equipment displays and demonstrations.

USFOGA was created as an entity that would, and will, finally put an end to the problems we are facing in this country due to the terrible mismanagement of FOG.
We are extremely grateful for all our members and attendees that participated in the event.

WITHOUT YOU, we could not possibly achieve our goal of cleaning up our public sewer systems and protecting clean water, but WITH YOU, one day, if we remain persistent, we will all see the fruition of this very important goal.

We thank you all for your attendance and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Don Blair, USFOGA Board Member
June 1, 2022


Municipal Matters

Choosing the right software to manage your FOG Control Program 10 Essential Questions you should ask before you buy.

Sam Mcleod M.S., Vice President

As a compliance software company representative, I am frequently providing quotes and bidding against various other software companies. These processes are fascinating to watch unfold as those involved can see a significant variance in pricing and services offered. We recently finished a bid for a major a U.S. city in which all software companies involved with the bidding process verbally indicated their software would be somewhere in the range of $5,000.00 annually. However, once the final bids were gathered, most other bids had quadrupled by the time it was all said and done.

So, how does this happen? Why aren’t software companies transparent on their pricing and what kind of questions can municipalities ask to avoid being swindled? I’ve personally always believed in being extremely transparent in all pricing matters. If a potential client wants a quote, all I need to know is how many FOG generating facilities are within their jurisdiction and I can provide them a rock-solid quote instantly. No games, no gimmicks, no hidden costs. This has served our company very well over the years.

Most municipal FOG software providers do not conduct business this way. Rather, they state a base price to entice potential clients and then slowly ratchet up the cost as basic essential features are added. Imagine shopping for a car and the salesperson tells you the cost is $20,000.00 only to buy it and find out that if you want wheels, that’s another $5,000.00, if you want a windshield, that’s another $5,000.00, if you want power steering, that’s another $5,000.00. Suddenly the car’s cost has almost doubled just to have the basic ability to drive. That’s very similar to what happens to municipalities when shopping for fats, oils, & grease software.

The first and most important piece of advice to municipalities is if a software company is unable to give you an accurate quote based on the size of your jurisdiction, chances are there are significant hidden costs. Always be sure to get a verbal quote from the software company based on the size of your jurisdiction. Then, if the number is supplied to you, ask these 10 questions, then sit back and watch the budget busting quote soar. Just for reference, FOG BMP does not bill for any of these normal hidden costs and fees. Feel free to reach out to any of our FOG BMP clients for validation.


  1. Is there an annual cost per user? How much additional cost per user?
  2. Is this fully functional from mobile devices? If so, do you charge extra for it?
  3. Is there an annual flat fee for full access or do you break it down by Levels/Tiers?
  4. Do you charge for setup/ implementation/data integration? If so, how much?
  5. Do you charge for program training? How much?
  6. Is there ever any potential charge for customer support? How much?
  7. Do you charge additional fees for program updates? How much?
  8. Are software downloads required to our internal computers?
  9. Can FSE users access the portal? If so, is this an extra cost? How much?
  10. Can waste haulers access the program? If so, is this an extra cost? How much?

Corporate Spotlight

Protein Matrix


In each newsletter we highlight a vetted technology, product, or service that we think deserves special attention from our membership.

In this newsletter we draw your attention to Protein Matrix, LLC. This company is changing the way fats, oils, and greases are transferred and treated throughout the wastewater system. The result can significantly enhance your FOG Control program.

WHO ARE THEY? Protein Matrix is a designer chemistry company with a laser focus on fats, oils, and greases in wastewater. These are sticky substances that collect and accumulate food scraps, wipes, and grit, that stick to and eventually occlude pipes and sewer mains, that provide nutrition for bacteria and slimes that produce the odorous, poisonous, and corrosive gas, hydrogen sulfide. In short, FOG is not compatible with wastewater transfer and treatment efforts. In fact, it is detrimental.

WHAT DO THEY DO? Force FOG to play nice. Protein Matrix designs and implements cutting edge chemistry that reacts with FOG and causes it to become compatible with wastewater transfer and treatment infrastructure and processes. Plumbing, pipes, sewers, grease removal devices, lift station wet wells, inverted siphons, headworks bar screens, grit chambers, primary clarifiers, scum pits, DAF's, high strength waste receiving stations and anaerobic digesters are some of the assets that are highly impacted by FOG and can benefit by using Protein Matrix.

HOW DO THEY WORK? Protein Matrix is a chemistry that is derived entirely from American produced agricultural products. The chemistry does NOT rely on enzymes, enzymatic function, bacteria, or microbial action. Protein Matrix does NOT emulsify or dissolve FOG. This chemistry neutralizes the FOG molecule so that it becomes NON-STICKY and FLOWABLE. Once reacted, fat, oil, and greases cannot stick to plastic, glass, concrete, iron or any other surface encountered in a wastewater system. The reacted FOG can no longer accumulate with bits of food, grit or objects encountered in the pipes. The reacted FOG is modified so that it passes easily through pipes, pumps, lift stations and sensitive inverted siphons. The reacted FOG is also more efficiently removed from wastewater via gravity processes such as grease removal devices and primary clarifiers because the FOG retains its normal buoyancy and is not weighed down by objects it is usually bound to such as rags, wipes, food scraps and grit.

WHAT IS COMPREHENSIVE COMPLIANCE CHEMISTRY? Protection for both the producer and receiver of FOG. This is achieved through the application of Protein Matrix chemistry at every level of FOG production and disposal in order to maximize the reliability and efficiency of the plumbing system and the gravity grease removal device. The end result is a FOG producing operation that is proactively managing FOG in order to maintain the highest level of reliability for their business and compliance with the regulatory authority.
Corporate Spotlight

CASE STUDY: National Supermarket Chain February 2021 to July 2021

After a visit from the city and a strongly worded letter from the residents sharing the building, a supermarket chain with a rich history of grease interceptor backups, hydrogen sulfide odor complaints and rising costs from third party service providers finally decided to take action.

Protein Matrix conducted a survey of the property to identify and document the baseline condition which included third party line jetting every 8 weeks, grease interceptor pumping every 6 weeks, daily odor complaints from clients and residents, non-compliant water chemistry at discharge to sewer and photos of trouble spots.

Three treatment stations consisting of 5 gallons of Protein Matrix Eliminator and a wall mounted peristaltic metering pump were positioned at each of the 3 compartment dishwashing sink floor drains. After the treatment stations were turned on, the line jetting contractor took video of the grease buildup in the pipes and performed a thorough cleaning. The grease interceptor was also cleaned, and this baseline cleaning procedure provided a "clean state" from which to assess the performance of the Protein Matrix treatment.

Over the next 6 months all jetting and interceptor cleaning was stopped. Instead, video recordings of the pipes were made to monitor grease deposition and the interceptor total solids were measured every two weeks. Water chemistry from the interceptor sampling port was analyzed and surveys of the property residents and supermarket staff were conducted.

The result was a resounding success with all concerned parties. No more odor was reported in the store, or the parking garage, and the kitchen stewards reported no blockages or slow drains. The interceptor was functioning with very high efficiency as demonstrated by the water chemistry and total solids sampling and did not require special care or extra cleanings. Furthermore, no more line jetting events were required which contributed to a significant overall cost savings during the project. Due to these results the chain is requiring this treatment for all their locations.


King County, Washington

King County crews quickly restore sewer line in Bellevue after overflow caused by buildup of fats, oils, and grease.

January 25, 2022
A buildup of fats, oils, and grease from homes and businesses caused a backup in a sewer line in Bellevue. Crews from King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division quickly restored the line and cleaned up the impacted areas.

King County crews quickly restored a sewer line in Bellevue Monday that was blocked by fats, oils, and grease from nearby homes and businesses and worked through the night to clean up the surrounding area.

The overflow from a maintenance hole at the intersection of Lake Hills Boulevard and 154th Avenue Southeast in Bellevue lasted about an hour. While the crews from King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division were able to contain most of the flow, some of the wastewater made its way into the city storm drains that flow to Kelsey Creek.

King County notified health and regulatory agencies, posted signs along Kelsey Creek and Larsen Lake, and will conduct water quality testing.

The Wastewater Treatment Division encourages residents and businesses to help prevent sewer blockages by keeping fats, oils, and grease out of kitchen sinks.

Article courtesy of King County Wastewater Treatment Division
USFOGA’s mission is to reduce and ultimately eliminate sewer backups such as this.
We thank all our members for their dedication and commitment to this worthwhile cause.

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  • Profiles all licensed & approved disposal facilities.
  • Automated cleaning record submission with electronic cleaning logs for each facility.
  • Time-lined tracking & alerts for delinquent grease trap cleanings.
  • Customizable FOG inspection module with NOV’s, warnings & fines.
  • Sewer overflow event log with hotspots & reports.
  • Mass email communication to Fog generating facilities & waste haulers.
  • Custom fats, oils, and grease best management plan for each facility.
  • Kitchen staff FOG handling training modules with certificates of completion.
  • Customized data reports for all reporting facilities and waste haulers.
  • Unlimited users within your municipality.
  • Fully functional from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
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